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Lately, things to me have become more obvious than ever. I've began to really and fully understand the people around me and a lot of where they come from. Like where their priorities lie, who they want to be as people, and what they want to do to make a difference in this world. As time progresses onward, I begin to see that "making a difference" seems to be diminishing in music. And many of you wonder why there is so much negativity and trash floating around in this world, look at the crap that is being streamed through the radio and online.

From what I can remember, bands used to sing about societal issues, problems at home, struggling to make it through, and how we should never ever give up on our dreams. I'm not trying to be some egotistical music nazi or anything but why the hell is some of this crap being allowed to fall under the gracious name and title of "music?" Perhaps one of the biggest issues today in our music scene concern the infamous trio: Jeffree Star, Millionaires, and Brokencyde. For anyone that knows me very well, they know the amount of disrespect and disgust that I have towards them, well at least musically related. They are probably somewhat decent people...or maybe not. Who really knows. I believe that to some extent, we are allowed to express our thoughts and opinions to the rest of the world. But seriously talking (because I wouldn't even classify it as singing) and/or screaming like a mindless idiotic banshee about vulgar terms and actions just more than crosses the line. It like totally crossed the line, jumped the fence, and ran across the state border. Is their music something that we should really pass down to the next generation? What kind of message are they sending out to kids, kids that can be easily influenced by this shit. Music is supposed to convey and spread a positive message to the rest of the world. It's what makes us human beings, we all live and thrive off of what we listen to and hear. Whether we like to admit it or not, music will always and forever influence our daily lives. The last thing I like to hear is something that's spreading negative statements and promoting distasteful acts.

But on a positive note, I believe it's bands like those that will drive the passion even harder in a few of the worthy individuals in the music scene. Because believe it or not, there are musicians out there that put and give all that they have to offer for us. We just need to find it and listen to it. I believe that people need to open their eyes and ears to this genuine music, because that is the ONLY way to let the horrible and distasteful crud go away...or at least not let it have credibility that they sure as hell don't deserve.

Reason Why I picked that line for the "Subject" line: H20 is perhaps one of the most influential bands of today when it comes to the music scenes original hardcore roots. Many of hardcore bands of today fail to realize where their roots lie and only progress from bands such as Drop Dead Gorgeous, Alesana, Attack Attack, or The Devil Wears Prada. I'm not saying that those bands are horrible or that they have no respectable standards, because I effing love The Devil Wears Prada, and have for a few years. I'm just saying that many young kids don't know where their musical roots come from and that I believe that they should know. H20, Dag Nasty, Refused, Bad Religion, Anti Flag, and many others. If you're in a young band and haven't listened to any of these bands...please do that soon.