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Argh, I don't really know what to blog about, but all I know is I need to type about something. I just have this little ounce of angst in my pounding chest. I have some blogs that are pending on writing but I just don't feel like writing those at the moment. I guess right now a lot of my stress is just slightly getting worse, but this time I am letting a little of it out instead of bottling that crap in. Because I think we all know what happens when that goes down.

It's been quite a morning so far, the only exciting parts happened in the wee hours with Mara. Then again what moments aren't momentous with her lol! No wonder why she's my best friend ahaha. Just talked about the show, how I am getting almost no replies with the headliner's booking agents, and how it's going to basically be one of the most AMAZING things ever. Not to mention, for an amazing organization, Keep A Breast. Around that time, I also happened to stumble upon the site, www.givesmehope.com. I think that it is the one site that has truly made me hella smile and feel reassured that there are morally good and kind individuals in this world.

However awhile, I had to face reality head on. I learned that the only person I can count on in my house is myself. I'm sick and fed up with having to deal with all of this nonsense it's literally forcing me to wake up. I will no longer want to have to deal with any financial reliance on my parents. I am forever forgetting about that option with them. Anyways, honestly all I can really do is stay positive about this whole thing and try to figure things out for myself. I just know I can get through this all...

I don't know what else to really put folks (: I'm going to try and update this a bit more. It might help with some of my writing skills, since I am starting "school" again today ahaha. ONLINE CLASSES FTW!


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Aug. 27th, 2009 07:00 am (UTC)
i love GMH, i get on that site and start reading and i realize an hour went by most of the time. The stories are remarkable and inspiring!
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