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Are we growing up?

Yes, today is my birthday. Well, at least in a few more minutes it will all be over sadly. I've always loved my birthday as a kid, due to the fact that my Granparents and family always made them fun. When I was a kid, I always saw birthdays as the opportunity of getting one year closer to being a "big kid." Yet little did I realize how much I long to have those days back, how much those childhood days were so...free. Now, it just feels as if responsibility is a key for survival. In which it totally is and I think right now it had just hit me.

I've always been taught to never regret what I've done because it all happened for some apparent reason. Whether the fact that I did something to cause the situation or someone else did something to cause the situation as well. Who really knows why, but what we do know is that we should always take responsibility for the right actions. For instance, keeping track of things. This is something I know that takes awhile to perfect. I myself still have trouble with it. I feel as if I get so caught up in the feeling of excitement, I tend to annex out reality for a few seconds ahaha. I just...really want to change that. So starting right now, I will do some growing up and change a few things that I don't like about myself. I'm going to place my foot down and realize that only I can make this happen.

In regards of today's event's, it was nice. Besides working for about seven hours in the morning! Well hey, money is money right? My mom had baked me a home made cake that turned out excellent! Thanks mom! Ate some vegan pizza from Pizza Fusion (a place that is entirely AMAZING! I will be taking Muddy there n___n oh and once again thanks mom!), and went to go and see Inglorious Basterds with Mara...which was the most AMAZING movie ever. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest that you do so soon. It's entirely worth it. You'll be laughing, get caught in the suspense, and be in complete awe! That movie totally deserves a million awards. So in all, this years birthday was probably one of the best that I've had in years. It was simple, nice, and calming.

As odd as this sounds, the reason that triggered me to write this blog is because of the fact that I had forgotten to submit my Government assignment. Granted that we all slip up once in awhile in school, but for some reason this one hit me hard, partially because Government is one of my favorite topics. I guess lately I've been feeling so out of the loop. I never really liked school and I guess it's just odd to re-adjust myself. From what I'm assuming, I feel disappointed in myself. I know that right now is a rough time but that is not excusable when it comes to getting things done. I can pull through with this...I know I can.