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An Angry Blog, Written by an Angry Me.

I'm angry. I'm pissed. I'm more agitated than anything. I'm tired of seeing good people get surpassed and get looked down upon. I'm tired of seeing amazing bands get passed up by people and labels. I'm fucking sick of the racism and bigotry that still lingers around in the world and media. I'm sick of seeing ignorance on the television screen. I'm tired of the fact that many treat others like they are disposable. When will this world change? Who is going to change it? The only answer to that is you, yourself, and your actions.

I am doing my best to make an impact on this world. I really am, but sometimes I just feel as if the rest of the world is lagging. I don't think that everyone (not saying all) are doing their part in society. Many are being too dependent on others to make the change. When really, it's the person that wants the change that needs to MAKE the change. You can't just sit on your ass thinking to yourself that the whole world will revolve around you. Sitting is an action, but it does not create action. I know that some of you are in the slumps and feel as if you wont make an impact on this world. You can, everyone can! It's just that you need to make all of the continuous effort that you have in your life. Every day is a battle and yesterday will never come back. But I believe that tomorrow is another chance to triumphantly kick yesterday's ass. So never give up on your goals in life and never doubt the capability of yourself and how big your dreams and ideas are.

So in all, I hope that throughout my lifetime, I will inspire people. I aspire to inspire and will continue to do so throughout my life. Hopefully, my words will mean something to you my dear friend. I know that we are all struggling, but we are all struggling to make it out alive. So you're not alone (: