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The "Downfalls" Of Us All

I just felt the need to update this, I guess I just missed typing about things. Well anyways, life has been pretty consistent, but not consistent enough to make it boring. On most days, I wake up at around noon, get online to check everything. My myspace, e-mail, messages, etc. Get some food to satisfy my hunger needs, then tend back to my room. For some more networking work. Seems like a boring routine I suppose, but I know that it's what I have to do in order to get things done. Anyways, lately things seem to be repetitive. I do know though that it will all pay off within given time. Anyways, to get a few things off of my chest though...

I know that each and every one of us goes through a period in time where we are not satisfied with ourselves. We feel useless, tired of our surroundings, and feel that we don't measure up to others expectations of us. I have talked to a few close friends of mine who are currently going through this, along with the rest of us. We can't give up on the main objective of the passion that lies deep down inside of us. Tough moments and obstacles that come across in our life time are only set there to determine how bad we really want things, how bad we want our dreams to be fully produced. I know that it's hard for us to remind ourselves every day of these inner realities, but I think that those moments where we feel as if we are having a downfall...are really the experiences that pick us up.

To those who know me really well, I never seek failure as an option or copping out a consideration when it comes to something I am passionate about. But really, if you are reading this and are passionate about something, finish it, conquer it, and own it. The downfalls from life are only there to see if you want it bad enough. No dream is ever worth doubting nor being put to the side.